Create a Basic Will Today

You can create a basic will for free using the California Statutory Form Will. Print and carefully follow the steps to create your own will valid in California.

WARNING: This form is only for folks with less than $150,000 in assets and no real property (i.e. you don't own your home or other real estate and will not inherit land anytime soon).

Use the following link from the State Bar of California to download the PDF:

In California, if you have assets in excess of $150,000 and/or real estate, a living trust and will combination would serve you much better than a will because of some inherent problems with a stand-alone will document:

A will does NOT provide any assistance for paying bills or asset management while you are alive but unable to handle your finances (in a coma, dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc.).

A will does NOT give authority for your family to direct health care providers as to your desires for treatment or life prolonging care.

A will does NOT provide for the care of your minor children while you are alive but disabled.

A living trust package can protect you from these and other problems. But a properly constructed trust package is essential for any estate. Learn more about trusts here or call us today and we'll answer your questions with no obligation.

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