Health Care Directives

Do You Have a Health Care Directive?

Advance Health Care Directives in California are the best way to communicate your desires to health care practitioners when you are unable to speak or communicate due to accident, illness or mental incapacity. A good Trust package would not be complete without including these powerful tools.

Although some folks still use "Directive to Physicians" or "Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)" documents, we do not recommend these documents. They are not as complete, flexible, or as powerful as the Advance Health Care Directive (formerly referred to as "Health Care Power of Attorney").

If you have the old Health Care Power of Attorney, make sure you have it reviewed as it may have an expiration date.

Standard forms for the AHCD are usually lacking in making provisions for Terri Schiavo type cases or for HIPPA regulations. If you don't know what these provisions should look like, call us and we'll walk you through these important options.

You can get a free California Statutory Advance Health Care Directive (fillable form) from the California Attorney General's office by following the link below.

PLEASE NOTE: This form does NOT have the Terri Schiavo or HIPPA provisions.

Take some time to read & think about your wishes before filling this out. You are not alone, when you have us prepare a Trust package for you, this document is included. Give us a call and we will tell you how you can benefit from a full trust package.

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