Power of Attorney

Powers of Attorney
One Part of a Complete Estate Plan

People often give a child, friend, or relative a "power of attorney" in case something happens to them. While an Estate Plan would not be complete without certain powers of attorney, a power of attorney can be dangerous and ineffective. It often grants too much power too soon and it ends at the death or mental incapacity of the grantor.

What kind of power of attorney do you need? Limited? Durable? Springing? Financial? Health? The power of attorney you sign can have a profound effect on your assets and your family or, just as bad, it can be useless.

For estates greater than $150,000, powers of attorney should be written to work with a Trust giving maximum protection to you and your family.

A properly drafted Trust package will include the powers of attorney you need in your estate depending upon your goals and your family needs. Call us and we'll walk you through your options. The call is FREE with no obligation.

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