Protecting Your Home and Real Estate

Protect Your Home and Real Estate Investments

Most folks with Trusts have one or more real properties. Usually it is personal home ownership, but often they will have rental properties and/or vacation properties or even vacant land.

A good trust attorney will have extensive experience with real estate and business in order to advise clients on these related issues. Michael Perdue is an attorney with that kind of experience.

Mr. Perdue is not only a California licensed attorney, he is also a California licensed real estate broker and has helped many families deal with difficult properties saving them money and helping them to navigate the difficult issues regarding real property following the death of a loved one. Michael is particularly adept at handling distressed properties and helping clients who live far away from the property they have to manage or sell.

Give Mike a call for a free, no obligation consultation. You will be pleased with his ready and willing attitude and his ability to find creative solutions to your real estate questions and problems.

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