Trusts are Empowering

Peace of mind. A properly written and funded trust gives you peace of mind. The decisions you face in planning for your estate include the right way to protect your family and preserve your hard earned assets for your children’s education or your retirement. Choosing guardians, trustees, executors, health care agents require thought and guidance, but once it is completed you can rest assured that your wishes will be honored and followed.

Flexibility. Trusts are flexible and with the aid of a creative attorney can fit any situation. Simply stated, you give your assets to the trust so that when you die you technically own nothing and your assets are managed by the trust. You set the rules as to how your assets are managed and distributed, while you have the mental ability to do so. A trust therefore protects you from having decisions made about your health, life, money, property, or living arrangements made by persons you don't know, don't trust or don't like. By making those decisions before the need arises you are never left unprepared.

Control. With modern Trusts you don't loose control of your assets. You are the beneficiary of the Trust and you are the manager of the Trust. With Revocable Trusts, you can modify or cancel the trust at any time.

Is a Trust right for my family? Any estate over $150,000 in assets or real estate will benefit from the use of a Trust. Done properly, a Trust will save you time and money. A Trust will reduce tension in families and provide for handicapped, ill, or addicted loved ones. A trust will protect your family by helping to protect your assets.

Although we make the process fairly simple, in reality Trusts are all-encompassing and very complicated legal documents. If you have questions, call us for a free consultation. You don't have to wait, we will walk you through the steps so your Trust will be tailored to the needs of your family.

How much does a Trust cost? The price of a trust depends on where you go. For example, you can get an online trust for as little as $249. These may be a good choice for estates around $100,000, but the problem with these is that they are generic and you have no recourse if anything goes wrong. In fact, the small print advises you to have your online trust reviewed by an actual attorney, which would cost the same or more than having an attorney create it in the first place. Trust My Trust creates custom trust documents. For estates of $150,000 or above, the benefits of customization are overwhelming. Don't take a chance with your life. Click below or call now and we'll give you a reasonable quote.

We can help. Our job is to help guide you through these choices, to help you avoid the pitfalls and help you plan for problems you can't anticipate. Click the button below to get in touch and we'll answer your questions and give you a free quote.

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