Avoiding Probate & Conservatorships

Avoid the Hassles of Probate & Conservatorships
With a Living Trust

Probate means "a thing proved" and is the act or process of officially proving the authenticity and validity of a will. The Wall Street Journal estimates a two year average probate proceeding in California. Given the minimum times required by law it cannot take less than about 8 months, but it usually takes at least a year. Costs of probate can be high as attorney fees and Executor commissions are calculated as a percentage of the gross value of your estate in California.

The Probate Courts in California also handle Conservatorships for adults and Guardianships for children & teens (minors). Properly written and funded trusts can avoid conservatorships of the estate and save thousands of dollars as well as time and unnecessary hassles like dealing with attorneys and making inconvenient court appearances.

If your disabled, dying or deceased family member's estate requires a probate or conservatorship process in California, we will guide you through the process with kindness, understanding and skill resulting from our 30 plus years of experience.

If the option is still available to you, the creation of a trust will help your loved ones avoid unpleasant probate procedures and costs. In the end, you will save them thousands of dollars and months of hassles and waiting by setting up your living trust. Don't wait, call now to see if a trust is one of your options!

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